Dr. James Liu has many years of experience in medical research, having published numerous papers and books. He has received awards from several academic bodies, including the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand, the International Society of Hypertension, the American Heart Association, and "Who's Who in the World". Dr. James Liu is still passionate about medical research, and as a result, he has chosen to donate a significant portion of his business income to support young scientists conducting research.

      At the same time, Dr. Liu is collaborating with the Florey Institute at the University of Melbourne for medical research and is funding the research himself. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he accurately predicted the course of the pandemic seven times and has discovered and is developing a new drug that can prevent viral and bacterial infections at the site of the airway. This drug is effective against all variants and is intended to replace vaccines. Dr. Liu and his colleagues are currently working to extract the effective ingredient from the herb, synthesize it, and conduct a large-scale clinical trial to prove its effectiveness. Once proven, Dr. Liu plans to make the patent available for free use worldwide.

      Recently, the government issued a license to Dr. Liu for a large project, and he and his team are currently working on it. Dr. Liu intends to donate all profits from the project to medical research and agriculture because he believes that health and food are the most important things for humanity.

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